The nature of Science?


Science is a truly amazing subject considering that its foundation relies on questioning and understanding the natural world and all its phenomena. As humans, we naturally want to learn why things are the way they are and constantly build on our prior knowledge. With maturity, we come to understand the links science has to the real world and use our problem solving skills unconsciously. As teachers, we need to become aware of those conscious actions and roadmaps used to attain knowledge and connect findings to real word situations. We need to go back to when we were children and how we learned science as well as apply our understandings of today’s generation and their mental capacities. If we can provide students with hands-on material and realistic, hands-on experiments, children will attain higher level thinking and continuously question scientific reasoning.

Not only do we need to provide students with a scientific basis of learning but also establish an understanding that science has its limits; as does, technology and engineering considering that they build off one another and depend on scientific findings. Science is always changing and has its restrictions. One limitation is that science is a social process that relies on people collaborating through procedures, and tests to analyse such findings. Publishing and sharing with the public or surrounding community is how society has acquired developmental knowledge. Considering the social nature of science, many findings are subject to biases and results that may have been overlooked. As teachers, it is our job to educate students to constantly question and ask ‘why’ – as our society depends on innovation, collaboration and the transformation of new talents.


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