Life Science: The Human Body


Hi grade 5’s,

Be sure to bring in your worksheets fully labeled so that we can learn more about the skeletal system. Recall your journal questions:

–          How many bones are in the skeletal system? (1)

–          Do you think a baby has more or less bones than an adult and why? (2)

–          What is the role of the skeletal system for the human body? (3)

–          What foods and activities help our bones grow stronger? (4)

–          A question and answer response for: (4)

o   Simple vs. compound fracture

o   Sprains and Arthritis

–          Describe the difference between: (4)

o   Hinge Joint

o   Ball and Socket

o   Gliding Joint

o   Immoveable Joint

o   Pivot/Swivel Joint

Be sure to be safe! Our bodies are very important!

Ms. Ward


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