Math is fun!

Hi grade 4’s,

Here is the music conversion money that we did last week in music class, be sure to count your dimes!



Today we worked on the alignment of grids and how to read co-ordinates on a grid chart.

I hope all of you have finished your final grids with rulers and titles.

As promised, I said I would post the ‘Mathletes Battleship’ instructions for you on here so you can play at home on your own battleship boards:

Instructions: Start by placing your ships anywhere on the bottom multiplication chart. Next, choose who goes first by flipping a coin. Then to start the game, whoever was chosen to go first, asks their opponent either a multiplication or division question. The answer will determine whether it is a hit or a miss. It’s a hit if the answer is where you have placed a ship. You can mark a hit with the pins provided on the board on the top. A miss is if the answer of the question is not where a ship is. You can mark your misses on a piece of paper. You win the game by sinking all of your opponent’s ships. You only need one hit to sink a ship.




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