Math Math and More Math?

Hello my smart students!

Here is this weeks balanced math activities! Please see me ASAP if you forgot your group #!

Math Journal

Explain what the ‘equals’ (=) means within an equation.

Use clear language and a diagram to prove your answer.

Create three examples that demonstrate your thinking.

Can the numbers be moved around the equations?

Word Problem

Tien has 76 felt markers.

Some are at school and 27 are at home.

How many are at school?

Show your understanding.

Write the equation as it is stated.

Re-write it in as many other equations as possible.

 Mental Math

 Answer the question on the sheet provided.

You may work together on this.

 Math Game

 Step 1:   Place the number cards face down

Step 2: On your turn, take 3 cards. Make a 2-digit number out of the cards (you choose which ones).

Step 3: Start with the 2-digit number you created and put this on the right side of your equation. Use the 1-digit leftover and create the left side of your equation so it can be said to be true.

Step 4: Find your answer on the number line. The colour tells your score. Record your score.

5 for red

3 for blue

1 for black

Step 5: Return your cards. Mix up the cards.

Step 6: Next person’s turn.

Continue playing until someone reaches 25 points.

Seat Work 

Day 1: Pg. 37 and 43

Day 2: Pg. 46 and 47

Day 3: Pg. 48 and 49

Day 4: Pg. 156 and 157 and 158

Day 5: Pg. 159 and161



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