All About Me!

My name is Ms. Ward and I am going to be a teacher this year for students of all ages! I am so excited that you all will be learning and growing throughout the next few years with me. I have had many great teachers from three different universities and love to teach! I hope you will all come to love learning as much as me if you already don’t! I like to use hands-on, fun examples and activities throughout my lessons because I know that all of you learn differently! I know some of you enjoy subjects like language or math more, while others like science or history perhaps, so I plan to make every subject fun and will make sure you all have a great time learning! Together as a class we will practice our listening skills and learn to participate as much as possible, even if some of you are a little shy! I promise to listen to you as long as you all can listen to me! It is very important that we all work together!

As for myself, I love music, theater, art and drama subjects! So please feel free to be as creative and interesting as possible in all of the subjects that we have together. I am Canadian and live right here in Toronto! I love animals and have two female cats named Jojo and Bear. I like to socialize with my friends and family just like most of you! Hopefully we can learn a little about your families soon with our first activity! Speaking of activities, our classroom will be a very exciting and busy place all year round and your participation is very important! I have planned many games, learning centers, projects and activities that will build a friendly and inspiring classroom. I can’t wait to start the FUN learning process with all of you!


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